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Jenni WilsonOur team is growing super fast right now, and we are actively looking for motivated people who want to be successful. We are passionate about helping people find effective alternatives for wellness. It’s so empowering and fulfilling to be sharing information and products that are creating wellness and nourishing our bodies.

Our company is THE fastest growing essential oil company in the world! Their brand recognition is growing like wildfire. The industry average for monthly customer retention is 15%. Our company enjoys a whopping 60-80% retention rate, and this can translate to more business for you if you share their products with others.

We LOVE the fun and the financial freedom this is giving me, and many, many others as we share potent tools for healing with the world. This company is blowing away ALL other network marketing companies in the average time it takes for people to make money and hit $10K monthly income. We are Diamonds, and can show you how to get there too.

Even though Mike is an ER physician, we use these essential oils almost exclusively for our home wellness (on our 7 children). They are MUCH more potent than most brands on the market. And now, many hospitals, nurses, and health practitioners are using our therapeutic grade essential oils, which have tons of scientific research behind them.

  • q-iconWhat is our fantastic company?

    I used to be able to talk all about the company I work with, but due to concerns about FDA regulations, I have had to remove all logos and mentions of my company. But it is the LARGEST essential oil company in the world, and my team has continued to grow despite these challenges. We have the highest retention rate in the industry by a long shot, so when people try our products, they usually want to order again fast!  I would love to tell you more, after you click the button below 🙂

  • q-iconIs this a "Get Rich Fast" scheme?

    No. In fact, you will need to very work hard at first. The difference between this job and traditional jobs is that you get to be your own boss, set your own hours, work as hard and go as far as you want, there’s no cap on how much you can make. There is no special certification needed, nor any college degree.  I’ve worked hard at my essential oil business, but it’s been an amazing and fulfilling journey and job for me. I’ve loved it so much, it’s been really fun for me. It can be for you too!

What You Receive When You Join Team Natural Oil Mom:

  • Intensive coaching with me, Jenni Wilson, Bestselling Blogger and Author of "Trust Your Intuition" We succeed if you succeed, so we am invested in your business too.
  • Access to our exclusive Bootcamp, with unique resources and information
  • Access to hundreds of dollars worth of specific training videos and resources.
  • Access to weekly calls, personal coaching and webinars.
  • Access to our private team Facebook page, where we discuss current incentives, resources and business building and leadership information.
  • Information on how to get the cheapest prices on highest quality EO products.
  • Advice on sharing essential oil info via online channels, blogs and social media.
  • The opportunity to create recurring income, which will pay for your wellness care with essential oils and more, for the rest of your life.

Check Out What Other People Are Saying

Delmara was working as a preschool program supervisor, and Paul as an information systems manager. Neither had thought much about direct sales, until receiving a starter oil kit for Christmas. After five months of using the product, Delmar felt strongly about building an essential oil business. With Paul’s support, Delmar was able to grow her EO business enough to replace her income and became a stay-at-home mom.*

Delmar and Paul truly care about others’ choices. They want them to understand the possibilities that our company provides. In order to be a great leader, the Alstroms know you must put others first. Delmar says, “it seemed complicated when it was first presented to me, but it’s simple. It’s just sharing and caring about others’ wellness.”

Paul & Delmara Ahlstrom
Paul & Delmara Ahlstrom

After college, Matt and Kelly both founded and developed multiple businesses. Matt created a thriving wholesale company in the consumer electronics industry, and Kelly started an award-winning organization to help support women entrepreneurs. Matt and Kelly experienced our high quality oils for the first time in 2008. Kelly said, “We loved the oils instantly. It took me 18 months after first experiencing them, to get over my resistance to network marketing and realize the powerful business opportunity I was missing out on.”
The Andersons decided that once they hit Diamond, Matt would sell his company and join Kelly in her EO business full-time. It took two years to realize their dream, but Matt is now fully engaged.* Matt and Kelly have this advice for those seeking the same success: design your business exactly the way you want it to be.

Matt & Kelly Anderson
Matt & Kelly Anderson

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  • Be motivated and a self-starter
  • Good communication skills and the willingness to talk to lots of people
  • Begin with an enrollment kit (these start at $150)
  • Be willing to devote time each week to growing your business and team
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Jeremy & Micki Boberg

For a long time, Micki tried many different careers as she tried to figure out what she wanted to do with her life. She earned her degree in business, but she has since worked as a reflexologist, a real estate agent, and a pharmacy technician, to name a few. Micki tried many different network marketing companies, and none of them ever worked out. She says, “When my friend called me and told me to go look at this company, I can remember sitting down, looking at the computer, and thinking, ‘This is it!’”
Today, she doesn’t even feel like she’s working. “I’m doing what I love to do. I’m helping people and it just seems like whenever you start helping people, it just starts working.” Micki knows that everything she’s accomplished is not about her, but about her team—they reached Diamond together.* “I cannot say enough about how great my team has been. My leaders keep me going and keep me inspired. We inspire each other.”

Victor & Amanda Darquea

Victor and Amanda were introduced to this special company through Victor’s cousin, Daniel Benitez. For years Daniel attempted to share this business opportunity with Victor. But it wasn’t until he became serious about achieving financial freedom that he finally considered the opportunity. Victor and Amanda wanted something more for their family. They no longer wanted to be tied to a budget or a work schedule.
Victor said, “When we looked at the leadership of the Executive Team, and the precedent they set for, we knew that this was about more than just improving a person’s health. It was also about improving a person’s life. We looked at our young children, and we wanted a better future for them. Because of this, we looked at the opportunity as a welcome adventure rather than a risk.” Amanda and Victor love that this company has provided them with the opportunity to take control of their life and their health. The Darquea family knows that reaching your goals is not easy, but is rewarding. They recommend using the product, finding out what you love, and sharing that with everyone, regardless of whether you know them or not.

"Believe you can and you're halfway there." ~Theodore Roosevelt

"Formal education will make you a living;
self-education will make you a fortune." ~Jim Rohn

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Not ready to think about a business, but maybe just get a FREE diffuser for hosting a class?

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*Results are not typical. Average earnings are less (because the majority of wellness advocates don't work full time at the business). See doTERRA 2014 Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on